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Conferences wishing to publish in Ubiquity Proceedings must provide relevant details of the conference to the Journal Manager by completing our proposal form. The Journal Manager will assess the suitability of the conference along with the quality control measures already carried out and the services being requested. If the conference is deemed suitable for the journal and agreement is reached on review details, conference organisers will be asked to sign an agreement confirming that editorial good practices will be followed, as well as confirmation of costs and services included. Examples of the agreement conditions can be found below. Once this process has been concluded then details on how to submit the content will be provided.

Submit your proposal

Services available

We recognise that each conference may require a different level of service and therefore offer a range of options, starting with publication-only services, through to language copyediting and full production services. In all cases, we will assign a DOI to each publication, provide article-level alt-metrics, provide commenting and online annotation* functionality and ensure that the content is marketed and indexed as widely as possible. As well as being included in the journal's main publication list, all conferences will receive a cover page on each of the publications, their own landing page that will display information on the conference, including logo, along with all papers associated with it. The journal is indexed with publication databases and preservation is ensured via CLOCKSS.

(*only available with XML publication formats) 

Publication fees

Fees to cover publication costs will be agreed prior to the conference being submitted for publication. This total cost will vary depending on which services are being requested by the conference organisers. These fees ensure that all of the content is fully open access and maximises the potential readership of publications whilst allowing the journal to be run in a low cost sustainable way.

We will quote for each conference individually, based on factors such services required, number of papers, complexity of content, special requirements etc. Agreements may be arranged to cover annual/recurring conferences.

Standard conference fees:

- Per conference fee: £300
- 'Standard' publication*: £28 per article

Additional services:

- Typesetting (full paper**): £116 per article + £100 per conference
- Copyediting (full paper**): £126 per article + £100 per conference

*Standard publication includes: peer review audit, DOI registration, cover page, designated conference page, article hosting, indexing, marketing, archiving. Articles must be provided according to the layout template, as publication-ready files. The conference editors complete peer review, after discussion with the journal.

**costs are based on papers being between 6,000 and 8,500 words in length. If papers will be significantly different from this (e.g. abstracts only) then we will quote based on the nature of the project.

For more information on the cost of publishing a proceedings with us, please get in touch.

Layout template

Conferences that are not using our production services are asked to use our layout template to ensure that contributions are consistent in their appearance. Formatting rules and guidelines can be found within this file. The layout template can be downloaded here.

Metadata form

In order to fully index the content we will also request that a metadata form is completed and submitted along with the final papers for publication. This ensures maximum dissemination and findability of the papers, once online. The metadata template can be downloaded here.


Once agreement has been made that the conference will publish in the journal the conference editor must collect all submissions, review data and collate relevant metadata (using templates provided by us) and submit this directly to the journal manager as a single batch of files. Once received the files will undergo an internal audit before proceeding to the agreed production workflow.

Agreement conditions

All conferences and guest editors looking to publish in Ubiquity Proceedings must sign a publishing agreement with the journal. This agreement will include, among other things, the below conditions:

  • - Peer review will be completed on the required article types, in accordance with the journal's peer review policy, and that full documentation can be provided.
  • - Agreement to publish all content under a Creative Commons CC BY Attribution 4.0 license.
  • - Texts adhere to the layout template provided.
  • - Metadata is provided in the format requested.
  • - Manuscripts have been copyedited for language & content errors, should the service not be requested from the journal.

The editor/conference will must also take responsibility for the acquiring the below written confirmation from each individual author/paper being submitted:

  • - That the paper has not been published elsewhere, nor is it under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • - The author is responsible for obtaining all permissions required prior to submission of the manuscript. Permission and owner details should be mentioned for all third-party content included in the submission or used in the research. This includes any method or tool that is under license this is available under and requires permission for use.
  • - All authors listed in the paper qualify as authors, as per the authorship guidelines, and have given written permission to be listed on the submitted paper.
  • - Research has been approved by an appropriate ethics committee, with the name of the committee and reference number of approval included within the submitted file. Otherwise, a statement that ethics approval was not required has been added to the file.
  • - All patients included within case reports or other article types in which an individual or a group of individuals can be identified have signed consent forms, or have had their guardian do so, giving permission to publish the submitted content under a CC-BY licence.