Conference Paper

Using of SPT method for estimation of mechanical properties changes of RPV steels after irradiation in the Halden reactor



The paper deals with experimentally estimation and comparison of the mechanical properties changes of RPV steels before and after irradiation of samples in Halden reactor in Norway coming from Unit #3 and #4 of NPP Mochovce (still under construction). Altogether 180 SPT and 30 mini-tensile samples in two sets were prepared for irradiation, obtained from weld metal material (Sv10ChMFT) and base material (15Ch2MFA). In general, a good agreement between results obtained by SPT technique and using mini-tensile specimens was found. Both, base and weld metals of RPVs were found to be bainitic. After that, the first set of samples was irradiated in Halden reactor at temperature Tirr = 270 - 280°C with intention to use two fluence values: ∼ 1.0 × 1024 n/m2 and ∼ 2.0 × 1024 n/m2 (> 1 MeV), respectively. Specimens after 1st irradiation were successfully tested and preliminary results show small increase of the strength characteristics (Re, Rm) if compare to “zero condition” testing results. FATTs, evaluated by the temperature dependence of the SPT energy, exhibit transition behaviour and shift towards higher temperatures.


small punch testRPV steelsHalden reactor
  • Year: 2018
  • Volume: 1 Issue: S1
  • Page/Article: 2
  • DOI: 10.5334/uproc.2
  • Published on 10 Sep 2018