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  • Using of SPT method for estimation of mechanical properties changes of RPV steels after irradiation in the Halden reactor

    M. Adamech, J. Petzová, M. Březina, M. Kapusňák
      • Successfully estimating tensile strength by small punch testing

        S. Holmström, I. Simonovski, D. Baraldi, M. Bruchhausen, E. Altstadt, R. Delville
        • The effect of testing environment on small punch creep

          H. Dawson, M. Richardson, M. Gorley, E. Surrey
            • Impression creep testing for evaluation of grade 22 ex-service hot reheat piping seam weld

              A. Bridges, J. Shingledecker, J. Siefert, D. Purdy, J. Foulds, C. Ferguson