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  • Small ring testing of high temperature materials

    C. J. Hyde
            • Successfully estimating tensile strength by small punch testing

              S. Holmström, I. Simonovski, D. Baraldi, M. Bruchhausen, E. Altstadt, R. Delville
                • Fatigue strength assessment of SUS316 by small bulge fatigue (SBF) test

                  S. Komazaki, R. Jojima, N. Muraoka, S. Nogami, M. Kamaya, C. Hisaka, M. Fujiwara, A. Nitta
                  • High temperature mechanical deformation of an additive manufactured nickel based superalloy using small scale test methods

                    H. Hilal, R.J. Lancaster, S.P. Jeffs, L. Ednie, J. Boswell, D. Stapleton, G. Baxter
                      • The effect of testing environment on small punch creep

                        H. Dawson, M. Richardson, M. Gorley, E. Surrey
                        • Industrial applications of small punch test

                          P. Čížek, L. Kander, Š. Stejskalová
                              • Application of the small punch test to evaluate the integrity of a cold spray titanium coating

                                A. Wong, Y.L. Tan, M. Pilot, R.J. Lancaster, S.P. Jeffs, F. Li, A.W.Y. Tan, W. Sun, E. Liu, I. Mitchell
                                • Small punch fatigue testing of a nickel superalloy

                                  S.J. Davies, R.J. Lancaster, S.P. Jeffs, R.C. Hurst, G.J. Baxter
                                      • The role of punch eccentricity in small punch testing

                                        F. Šebek, P. Dymáček, P. Kubík, J. Hůlka, J. Petruška
                                        • European standard on small punch testing of metallic materials

                                          M. Bruchhausen, E. Altstadt, T. Austin, P. Dymacek, S. Holmström, S. Jeffs, R. Lacalle, R. Lancaster, K. Matocha, J. Petzova